Building the Ultimate Home School Room (for us)

As part of our household declutter, we decided to take the room we had finished last year in our garage and convert it into a dedicated Home School room. This room was originally unfinished and served as my home office until last year when we put a door to it from our living room, put down a nice floor, and ran heat and air to it.

But it never worked as a playroom. It was more like a wade through toys room and the home schooling had taken over the rest of our house. I had some ideas.

First, I measured the room and put it on graph paper, roughly 2 squares to a foot, marking where the windows and outlets are.

Then, I measured each of the pieces of furniture I imagined and cut those out of a separate sheet of graph paper and colored them. This allowed me to move the furniture around in a kind of scale model of the room to find the best placement and flow.

Finally, when Amanda and I liked what we saw, I started building. I had to make four desks and two freestanding divider walls. This is what we came up with:

The furniture was very inexpensive.

  • The desks were made out of 2 x 4s and 1 x12s I bought from Home Depot and cost less that $100 dollars to make.
  • I ordered the chairs from IKEA online and they cost $12.50 each. Plus shipping.
  • The dividing walls are made out of 1/4 plywood and 1 x 4s on a 1x 8 base. I think in total they cost about $75 dollars.

So the furniture for this project cost me a total of about $200. Probably closer to $250 when you add paint and finish.

What made this project much more expensive was the addition of the two desktop chrome computers seen above on the right and left. I wanted low cost computers that the kids would enjoy using, that would be extremely low maintenance and would be easy to lock down. Here’s how the computer setup broke down:

  • Acer Chrombox – $175
  • Acer 19″ Monitor – $70
  • Hdmi to dvi cable – $5
  • Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard – $19
  • Behringer Studio headphones – $19

Each computer cost $288. We bought two and plan on buying a third when we get our income taxes back.

So how is it working? So far, great! My kids rarely pick at each other when doing their work and are better able to focus on their videos and classwork. Most of the school related memorabelia have been moved out of the house making it seem much more “homey.” We no longer look at our kitchen primarily as the school room, it’s now a place for eating and entertaining. It was well worth it.

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