Where did “web developer” go?

Many of you may know that I work as a web developer, but going forward, you’ll hear and see very little about that on the internet.

Web development started as a hobby fifteen years ago has morphed into something entirely different: it became a business. I created sitesfor.church, then morphed that into simplechurchtools.co and then churchtools.co and I ran a small web development consultancy called Row & Table. I’ve invested thousands of hours of my time into learning and practicing the art of making stuff online.

I still write code every single day and I’m still paid to do it. In fact, I’m probably twice as good at it now than I was this time last year and was probably twice as good this time last year than this time two years ago. In other words, I’m improving as a web developer faster than at any time in my life. It’s really fun.

Which brings me to the point of this post: I’ve finally reached a point where people will pay me to be a web developer in the shadows. I’m working behind the scenes making cool stuff and being paid well to do it, but I’m doing zero marketing and I don’t want my name to be on anything.

I don’t want to be known as a web developer or entrepreneur. Its a cool skill and a fun side job, but I’m a pastor and that is what people need to know me as.

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