Ten ways to use my new tool: Mail the Family

Over the weekend, I created a new tool. I wanted a quick way to be able to create custom postcards and send them to my family members to keep them up to date with what my kids were doing. I had recently found this website http://smilepostcards.co that I was really excited about, but I got frustrated by its inability to send to multiple people or to save addresses. So I decided to make my own: MailThe.Family.

Mail the Family is super simple. It does just one thing – it lets you quickly make and send postcards as easy as writing a tweet. Each postcard costs $1.25 shipped. No trip to the post office necessary. I’m already using it every day.

While the primary use for it was having a way to keep my family (all of which lives 600+ miles away) up to date with what I’m doing, I’ve thought of TONS of uses for this thing. Here are ten of them:

  1. Send a monthly update to your distant friends and family.
  2. Send an encouraging note to someone. (Bible verse, quote, joke, etc.)
  3. Send a thank you note.
  4. Celebrate a family member’s accomplishment.
  5. Send a custom birthday card.
  6. Send out Christmas cards.
  7. Send your significant other a surprise love note.
  8. Send out invitations for an event.
  9. Send follow up notes to people who visit your church or place of business.
  10. Let a college student, shut in, or serviceman know you are praying for them.

You can do all of this from your phone in a couple of seconds. It lets you mail people without having to worry about stamps, printing, or a trip to the Post Office.

And it’s way better than a text or social media post. Everyone loves getting personal notes and photos in the mail. They are tangible. They can go on the fridge or on the mirror. You can hold onto them.

Sign up today to start sending postcards. There are no fees or subscriptions. It’s just $1.25 per postcard.

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